Three ways to adapt your mobile app marketing towards new user structures

By Ioana Cailean on February 11, 2013 2 Comments

With the increasing availability and affordability of smartphones and tablets on the market, user types and user behaviors are changing. Mobile devices are more accessible to more types of user than ever before. More and more, younger people and low- to mid-earners are adopting smartphones and those who already have smartphones are onboard with tablets now as well. How will you react to these shifts in user behavior?

The growing trend for users to use their devices more, spending longer, more engaged sessions and more money, brings with it new opportunities to increase the ROI of your app marketing. New user structures should therefore mean a bigger focus on your app marketing and smarter investments.

Here are some best practices for adapting your app marketing strategy towards new user structures:

1. Drive m-commerce through your app

We expect to see m-commerce catch up with e-commerce over the next two years, meaning that apps could see a great deal more revenue from in-app purchases and bookings. With mobile payment solutions coming on leaps and bounds, it’s time to make sure you’re facilitating easy, quick and secure payments for purchases and bookings via your app.

2. Tablet-optimize your app and marketing

Tablets encourage users to spend longer, more immersive sessions on their devices and are commonly used at home rather than on the move. Users are reaching for them more and more for commerce, product research, gaming and content consumption. Try new features and marketing campaigns geared towards tablet users, while it’s still a relatively uncompetitive market, taking into account bigger screens and new user types and behavior.

3. Track your ad campaigns

There are more potential users out there than ever. If you want to increase your app marketing budget, it’s important to track campaigns and user behavior in order to find which types of user your app has, where your most loyal users come from and how to maximize them.