How To Achieve World Class Results With Your App During THE Football Tournament 2014

By Ioana Cailean on April 15, 2014 1 Comment

Trademob Football Package

In June and July 2014 the world will be going crazy about football again. A bunch of companies plan to get a piece of the cake by offering apps and services relevant to football enthusiasts – and a few will be successful. Fans will download apps to stay informed about the tournament and related events. They will meet up to watch football and order tons of pizza from delivery services. And, of course, they will use social apps and messengers to discuss latest game developments. How can your company end up at the sunny side of the football mania and beyond?

The question for all app owners and advertisers is how they can win a loyal user base and (re-) activate their users in this extremely competitive time!?

Trademob has put together a perfect product mix for advertisers to build up a user base before and during the football tournament and to re-engage users afterwards. Have a look at the graph below to see what an optimized campaign strategy during the matches in Brazil looks like.

Trademob Football Tournament Graph

The graph shows what a Mobile App Marketing campaign will ideally look like during June & July 2014 with respect to the tournament.

General Package Information:

    – Get the best mobile advertising coverage during the tournament
    – Gain up to 20,000 installs per country within the first 24 hours
    – Bespoke global packages are available upon request
    – Early bookers will get best ad spots saved
    – Package price starts at just 20,000.00 Euro for one country

Package Details & Strategy:

Group Stage + Round of 16 (12. June – 03. July):

1. Start with a 24h boost campaign.
The target: reach a high rank in the app stores, gain the best visibility and achieve a high number of organic installs.

Advertiser benefits from:

    – Top ranking overall or in a category
    – Thousands of new app users within 24 hours
    – Maximum brand exposure & visibility
    – Tracking of purchased & organic installs

2. Begin a follow-up CPI campaign immediately after the app boost, which should last 3-5 days.
The target: maximize the effect of the boost and maintain the achieved rank to help maximize the organic uplift.

Advertiser benefits from:

    – Maximum volume of new app users
    – Precise target groups and content channels
    – 30-70% reduced CPI
    – Strategic planning & best-in-class service
    – Centralized media buying & optimization
    – One tracking and reporting system for 250 sources

3. During the matches of the best 16 teams a maintenance phase should follow with lower volumes of CPI traffic.
This should directly tie-in with the follow-up campaign phase.
The target: sustain the campaign achievements.


Quarter-Finals + Semi-Finals + Finals (04. – 13. July):

4. & 5. Start a mini boost campaign and defend the achieved ranking position.
The target: regain visibility during the most important events.


After the football tournament (14. July ongoing):

6. Don’t stop after the tournament!
Even once the public happening is over you will want to have users come back and use your services. Mobile Retargeting is the perfect strategy to achieve this, so add it to your football tournament package.
The target: reactivate and re-engage your users to achieve higher revenues and a longer user’s life cycle.

Advertiser benefits from:

    – Maximized number of active app users
    – Increased user engagement and revenue
    – Targeting users with bespoke messages
    – User segmentation & profiling
    – Programmatic buying & optimization
    – Special promotions are possible


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