Wanna Work in Germany? How to Get Started

By Ioana Cailean on July 22, 2015 No Comments

Trademob, while based in Germany, isn’t only represented by locals – far from it! We’re very proud to host a second home for a very international crew: our team comes from 29 different countries (12 from outside the EU) and speaks more than 27 different languages (including Latin by the way). Our average age is 30, but 57% of us are in our 20s.

Work in Germany

We’ll support you!

Our company language is English and we’re based in Berlin, a very international city where almost everyone speaks English well. But since it’s always easier to settle down when knowing – at least a little of – the local language, we offer free German classes. Naturally, our HR team helps new employees to find their way through the bureaucratic German system: visas, accommodation, registration, public transport, health insurance. With the right help, mastering the system is actually easy, as a few of your new colleagues, living proof, will gladly tell you!

Work in Germany

A great article from Young Germany compiles useful checklists, the most important websites and tips for applying for a job in Germany. Ready to start a new adventure? Inform yourself now!

We’re happy to welcome anyone talented and with a passion for mobile advertising. If you want to take advantage of what Trademob has to offer, have a look at our open positions!