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Our international team of experts has the expertise to manage, support and optimize your advertising campaigns to ensure your app gets the reach it deserves, acquiring high-quality users.

International Inventory

Trademob connects you to a truly global inventory of advertising opportunities. Our platform is connected to hundreds of SSPs, ad networks, RTB exchanges and media partners.

Extensive Global Reach

We have access to over 1 billion users world-wide, in over 190 countries. Let us support you with the right advertising mix for your desired target group.

Powerful Social Traffic

After working with Facebook for many years, we have the expertise and the right partners to effectively advertise in this space at the lowest cost to you.

User Acquisition via RTB

Building up a large user base is paramount to your app's success. Whether you are planning an app launch or are looking to scale your user base to maximize revenue, we consult with you and your team to determine the right media mix for your app at each stage of the app marketing lifecycle.

Acquiring new users for your app can take many forms. Our experts will find the combination that works best for your app. We have access to hundreds of ad networks, SSPs and media partners, ensuring that your ad gets delivered to the right audience.

Our competitive and customized pricing solutions mean you only pay for what you get. Whether CPI, CPA or CPM, incentivized traffic or not, we will advise you on the most cost-effective way for you to promote your app.

Mobile Display

Display Discovery Incentivized Facebook Twitter Video
  • Display
  • Discovery
  • Incentivized
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Video
Case Study | AutoScout24
>100,000 new users at 50-80% lower cost-per-install (CPI)

Broaden the reach and effectiveness of your mobile display campaigns. We plan and optimize your campaigns to ensure they reach the right audience at the right time, and retain loyal users within your app.

Maximize Volume of New App Users
Access our extensive network of ad networks and media partners to reach over one billion potential app users on both iOS and Android.

Fully Customizable Pricing Solutions
With a number of different pricing strategies, we can fully customize your campaign to meet your needs in the most cost-effective way possible.

Stay Updated
Our transparent reporting keeps you up to date on the status of your campaign.

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Case Study | AutoScout24
>100,000 new users at 50-80% lower cost-per-install (CPI)


The fastest and most cost-efficient way to boost your app's user base: smartBoost pushes your app to the top of the App Store charts, raising its awareness and sending thousands of new users into your app.

Build Your User Base Fast
We can send your app to the top of the App Store Charts, both overall and in specific categories, in just a few days. Watch new, organic users enter your app in droves!

Increase Your Brand's Awareness
Maximize brand awareness and visibility amongst your target audience through your presence at the top of the charts.

Boost in Over 35 Countries
We have boosted thousands of apps across the globe. We can guarantee top iOS Store placements worldwide thanks to our unrivaled network of discovery apps and CPI partners.

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Case Study | Squini-Up
55,000 new users at a €0.27 CPI

Retarget Existing Users

Over time, many app users may become inactive, which severely limits your app's earning potential. If your app has a large number of existing users, it is more cost-effective to retarget those users, rather than acquiring new ones.

We host our own Demand Side Platform (DSP), a technology we developed in-house, to facilitate retargeting through Real Time Bidding (RTB). Using this platform we are able to set up and customize retargeting campaigns in real time, as our focus lies on optimization of ROI for our clients.


Send your users the right message at the right time. Activate dormant and churned users through retargeting at a much more cost-effective rate than acquiring new ones.

Reach Dormant Users
Communicate with inactive users effectively thanks to our advanced targeting capabilities, allowing you to show users bespoke ads.

Increase Revenue
Drive purchases and other engagements by targeting specific users based on their behaviors and actions, such as reminding them about abandoned baskets and previous product searches.

Make Informed Decisions
Our expert team will help you to understand campaign results and draw conclusions for upcoming campaigns.

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Case Study |
150% higher in-app conversion, 62% lower cost to acquire quality users

Use Cases: Mobile App Retargeting

Retargeting for Gaming Apps

Suppose you have a social gaming app in which only around 8% of users are still active after the first month. How can retargeting help you?

Acquiring new users can be expensive. What about re-engaging the users who have already installed your app?

Retargeting opportunities:

  • Target users who have already installed the game to inform them of new content
  • Target users who have spent money in-game before, with special offers
  • Target users to encourage them to complete an abandoned level

Retargeting for Travel Apps

Many travel apps are used for browsing without following through on a purchase. Retarget these users in the following ways:

  • Remind users of past searches with emotionally-charged imagery of white, sandy beaches or snow-covered peaks
  • Target users to let them know about discounts on holidays which they have previously searched for
  • Target users with offers based on what they have purchased before

Retargeting for Retail Apps

Retail apps constitute one of the fastest growing segments of apps. This high volume of traffic and the high number of users mean that there are many retargeting opportunities available:

  • Target users who have placed items in a shopping basket without going to check-out
  • Target users who have rarely used the app with discounts on their next purchase
  • Remind users of previous searches for items

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