Mobile Advertising News Wrap-up: Feb. 2 – 6

By Ioana Cailean on February 6, 2015 No Comments

It’s Friday and our weekly news wrap-up is back, bringing you the week’s top mobile advertising news!

BusinessWeek, Report: Mobile Ad Revenues Don’t Line Up with Traffic Volumes, by Greg Sterling (@gsterling)

The Opera Mediaworks end-of-year report has shown a startling discrepancy between levels of category traffic and ad revenues. Social media, for example, has a high level of traffic but relatively low levels of ad revenue. Another discrepancy can be seen between the levels of traffic and revenue of Android and Apple: Android drives more than twice as much traffic, but Apple’s traffic is worth a lot more.

eMarketer, Only 33% of US Mobile Users Will Pay for Apps this Year, by eMarketer (@eMarketer)

Asking for money in exchange for downloading an app decreases its appeal instantly. According to new data from eMarketer, only 33.3% of users will make the decision to download an app this year. The report also found that tablet users are a lot more likely to download apps than smartphone users.

Marketing Land, Report: Mobile Users Spend 80% of Time in Just Five Apps, by Greg Sterling (@gsterling)

According to a recent report from Forrester Research, smartphone users in the US and UK spend more than 80% of their time in just five apps, even though they use an average of 24 apps per month. As expected, Facebook and Google take up the lion’s share of this usage.