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The Teams
  • The Sales Team looks after Trademob's clients, and is always on the hunt for new opportunities. The team works closely with campaign managers, data specialists and mobile tech experts to ensure all clients' needs are met. Together, they spend a lot of time talking to clients, networking, and meeting potential new prospects at industry events. Learning selling techniques, being at the forefront of industry innovations and delivering successful elevator pitches are all part of the life of the sales team at Trademob.

    Isabelle, France

    Key Account Manager

    I was interested in Trademob because I really liked their product. It was a brand new technology at the time and I could see the company would continue to be innovative. Now, I speak with clients in order to understand their needs, discuss a realistic media plan, and offer the client the products that correspond to their needs. I love being in touch with a lot of different people in the industry. I've met a lot of interesting people and experienced a lot in the development of a start up: we were less than 20 people when I began to work at Trademob!

  • The Marketing & PR Team is responsible for both internal and external communication at Trademob. The team takes care of the website, the blog, ebooks, case studies, infographics, press releases, newsletters, social media, client communication, media relations and many more online and offline activities. They also arrange Trademob's presence at industry events and trade shows and arrange speaker slots at conferences. The team uses a variety of tools and frequently work with almost all other teams in the company.

    Michael, South Africa

    Marketing Communications Manager

    I decided to join the Marketing Team at Trademob because it's a small team that thinks big. I've had a lot of opportunities to prove myself and now I am responsible for all of our English marketing materials: from the blog through to press releases and from preparing case studies to positioning ourselves on social media. Working at Trademob has taught me how to best communicate with people from different backgrounds. I love our international team!

  • The Product Management Team is responsible for the end-to-end development process for Trademob's products: from identifying market opportunities and client needs down to detailed specification of products and internal product marketing. Closely connected with the in-house engineering team, they strive for high-performing products to help clients reach their goals in a heavily data-driven environment.

    Eugenio, Italy

    Senior Product Manager

    The mobile advertising market, and Trademob's place in it, was the reason I joined Trademob. I wanted to be at the forefront of innovation and help shape products in order to conquer a rapidly growing market, which is what I do now.
    Trademob offers me the opportunity to tackle some of the most interesting challenges in the mobile ad-tech industry. I am immersed in a technical and data-driven environment together with a strong, motivated team. Since I have joined I've learned so much, such as how to manage product development and to move quickly in an ever-changing industry.

  • The Finance Team is responsible for safeguarding the company’s assets with respect to the reporting of financial information internally and externally, the compliance with regulations on a tax and legal level, as well as ensuring the integrity of internal controls and processes. The team has a close working relationship with Sales and Campaign Management as well as all levels of Management.

    Eira, Sweden

    Senior Controller

    I like being part of a young, international environment, which is why I joined Trademob. I had worked in app marketing before and wanted to stay in this fast-moving industry. Now, I direct the budget and cost controls, setting the annual financial goals and making sure we stay on budget. This has deepened my professional knowledge of financial planning and analysis. I love that I get given a lot of individual responsibility and have the chance to receive external professional training.

Open Positions
The Team
  • The Engineering Team is central to Trademob's positioning as a technology company. They are responsible for Trademob’s programmatic buying platform; developing new algorithms and making sure the infrastructure scales globally. Pragmatic problem-solving, analytical thinking and proper software engineering are all part of the team’s skill set.

    Aarti, India

    Senior Software Engineer

    Trademob appealed to me because of its heavy focus on technology. I am responsible for developing new features for our platform, and for maintaining it and constantly improving it. We have hundreds of servers running in the cloud every day: it's a challenging job using complex architecture, and I love that. I work with people from all over the world, it's a lot of fun and I'm still learning new things about working with people from different cultures every day.

Open Positions

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