Five mobile app marketing resolutions for 2013

By Ioana Cailean on January 14, 2013 1 Comment

That was quick! We’re already two weeks into the new year, which means it’s about time to put those New Year’s Resolutions into action. As 2013 is set to be another exciting year for mobile app marketing and the mobile industry on the whole, it’s only right that you gear some of your pledges for the year ahead towards adapting and evolving your strategy around your app promotion.

Whether you’ve already made some or not, here are a few of our ideas and best practices to give you some food for thought.

1. Keep up to date with the latest app marketing trends and developments

We covered our predictions for six of the biggest mobile app marketing trends for 2013 in our recent blog post. The year ahead looks set to bring about exciting trends and developments in the industry – such as revolutionary mobile payment solutions, increased tracking possibilities and revised user structures and behaviours – all of which are bound to have an impact on how you can best optimize your mobile app marketing strategy. Stay on your toes and adapt accordingly.

2. Listen to your users

As always, you should be aiming for outstanding reviews, which means a) having a great, perfectly functioning app, and b) encouraging your users to provide their opinions. But more important than getting the reviews is reading and reacting to what your users are saying. Along with using campaign analytics to track where your most valuable users come from, listening to your users is the best way to learn which decisions you should take to increase your user engagement and satisfaction. Should you localize your app by offering it in several languages? Are there any potential areas for improvement within the app? Developing a great app is just the starting point; constantly tweaking your app and your app marketing is the key to long-term success.

3. Collect, analyze and understand your data

By tracking your advertising campaigns accurately, you’re able to find where your most valuable users come from. Monitor each meaningful in-app actions and conversions that happen after the download, such as purchases and registrations. Know where your valuable users come from; attribute sources and advertising campaign settings to the loyal users who return to your app again and again, in order to maximize this type of user. With the data you collect, make informed decisions and optimize your campaign settings such as time, device, banner and publisher. 2013 will be a big year for tracking; let it help bring in active users and make your ad spend pay out.

4. Use app store optimization techniques

If you’ve been overlooking app store optimization until now, it’s time to get onboard. Though searching in the Apple App Store is often criticised for being flawed from a user perspective, ranking highly for your chosen, relevant keywords is extremely important to drive downloads. Learn how to optimize your page (name, keywords (iOS), and description (Android)) for the algorithms. Check out other popular and successful apps and see which techniques the app marketing brains behind them used. Which keywords are they optimizing for? Take this into account when selecting yours.

5. Make your visuals resonate with your users

When users do find your app, will they want to download it? Design your winning icon and screenshot formula, together with all the other elements that make up your appearance in the app store and influence your users’ first impressions of your app. To increase conversions, your icon must be appealing and striking; and so do your screenshots. Create a more attractive app store appearance to entice your users to download your app. A good icon is one that users actually want to see on the homescreen of their device.

For more tips and tricks on app store optimization, both for the algorithms and users, download our free eBook ‘How to get found and be famous in the app stores’.

What New Year’s Resolutions have you made for 2013 to do with your app marketing?