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Are Apps Slaying the Mobile Web?

By Ioana Cailean on October 26, 2015 3 Comments

Is the mobile web on its way out? It’s not disputed that in the mobile world, apps rule. The mobile web can be a frustrating and slow place, a last resort for many. However, attempts are being made at improving the mobile web, and many claim that it is far from dead. When looking at […] Read more

Native Ads Are No Solution to Mobile Ad Blocking, But a Start

By Ioana Cailean on October 16, 2015 1 Comment

It is important to learn from past lessons in desktop advertising, but blindly applying them to the mobile world does not work – marketers need to innovate if they are to make advertising more relevant to the consumer, bolstering both acceptance and performance. As ads started to become a standard feature of the desktop web, […] Read more

Infographic: US vs. EU – Mobile Advertising on Each Side of the Pond

By Ioana Cailean on September 30, 2015 1 Comment

On both sides of the North Atlantic, mobile advertising is booming: This much is undisputed. Mobile ad spend is growing and even starting to eclipse other forms of digital marketing, such as desktop advertising. However, despite talk of a ‘Western mobile advertising market’ there are still significant differences in growth rates and levels of adoption […] Read more

Mobile Branding is Dependent on Programmatic Adoption: dmexco 2015 Insights

By Ioana Cailean on September 23, 2015 No Comments

This year, the Digital Marketing Exposition and Conference, better known as dmexco, pulled out all the stops and broke all its previous records. Attendance was up 36% from the year before, with over 43,000 digital marketing professionals attending the event. Almost 900 companies from the digital advertising industry were present as exhibitors, covering four halls […] Read more

Liebling, Ich Habe die Ads Geblockt

By Ioana Cailean on September 11, 2015 No Comments

Seit dem 8. September ist ein Browser auch im iOS-Store verfügbar, der werbefreies mobiles Web-Browsing verspricht. Da Eyeo, der Anbieter des AdBlock+-Plugins, keine Add-ons für mobile Web-Browser anbieten konnte, wurde kurzerhand ein entsprechender Browser entwickelt. Ein erster Blick auf “Adblock Browser” für iOS zeigt, dass der Browser macht, was er soll: Die Banner auf mobilen […] Read more