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How to Prepare for the Changes in Facebook CPC Campaigns

By Ioana Cailean on July 24, 2015 1 Comment

This month, Facebook is updating the way they charge advertisers who bid for ad spaces on a CPC basis, so we thought it would be interesting for you to understand how this change might affect costs and performance. When we have a question about social media campaigns here at Trademob, we have a simple solution for […] Read more

A Brave New World: The New State of the Mobile Advertising Landscape

By Ioana Cailean on July 9, 2015 No Comments

Mobile advertising’s upward trend is uncontested. Advertisers are moving more and more money into their mobile advertising budgets. This is the result of an oft-cited kind of natural law: “dollars follow eyeballs” – which means that consumers are spending more and more time with their mobiles and so advertisers have to follow in order to […] Read more

Countering Mobile Ad Blocking: 3 Tips for More User-Friendly Advertising

By Ioana Cailean on July 7, 2015 No Comments

The announcement of the first mobile ad blocking attempts has given a lot of players in the mobile advertising industry sleepless nights. First, mobile operators – supported by Israeli startup Shine – proposed ad blocking on their networks. Then, Adblock Plus launched a beta version of their mobile Android browser, although it is not available […] Read more

Twitter App Advertising: 5 Tips for Success

By Ioana Cailean on July 1, 2015 No Comments

We all know about Twitter and how popular it is in most markets, but not everyone is clear on the great advertising opportunities Twitter app advertising offers, especially in view of targeting. Twitter has over 270 million global monthly active users, and 80% of these users access the social network from their mobile devices. The vast […] Read more