App Time Spend Increases, but Covers Fewer Apps: Weekly News Wrap-Up

By Ioana Cailean on June 19, 2015 No Comments

As the weekend approaches, we take a look back at the most important news of the week. This week, we start with the Nielsen report, which has confirmed what everyone has been dreading: the issue of app time spend. Users are increasingly spending more time in fewer apps – which makes getting your piece of the pie that much harder.

Marketing Land, Report: Time with Apps Growing but Number of Apps Used is not, by Greg Sterling (@gsterling)

This week saw an important report released by Nielsen, which served to highlight the fact that app users are becoming increasingly difficult to attract, since while app time spend – time spent in apps – is rising, the number of apps used on a monthly basis is not. More than 70% of app usage is concentrated in the top 200 apps, and the average US smartphone owner uses only 27 apps per month. Another interesting demographic: men use more apps per month, but women spend more time using them.

eMarketer, When will Mobile Marketers Move Beyond Basic Measurement?, by eMarketer (@eMarketer)

While the dramatic increase in mobile ad spend seems to be getting a lot of press coverage, a lot of marketers are finding themselves unsure of how to measure the impact of their spending. This means that often marketers do not have a clear understanding of who their mobile customers are, and this is a problem as goals shift from targeting devices to targeting people.

Media Post, Mobile Hotel Booking: When and Where the Traveler Wants It, by Chuck Martin (@chuckmartin)

Travelers are warming up to the idea of hotel apps and as hotel app use increases, many users are starting to demand certain basic functions. The Future of Hotel Bookings report by PFSK Labs revealed some findings for hotel executives to consider when it comes to designing and updating their apps. One major feature that customers demand is instant service: one-click reservations, booking on the fly and connecting to a concierge.