How We Got Started

Back in 2010, mobile advertising was starting to gain a lot of attention. Despite small budgets, growth rates were going through the roof. The industry was erratic, there was a lot of uncertainty and there was a lack of structure. Trademob was founded with the intention of bringing together mobile advertisers and mobile inventory.

Trademob Through the Years

  • Takeoff

    The company was founded in August 2010 and developed a pioneering analytics solution that allowed for universal campaign tracking across all mobile traffic sources, setting the foundation for an all-encompassing mobile optimization platform.

  • Funding Round A

    Trademob secured Series A funding from
    High-Tech Gründerfonds and Tengelmann Ventures.

  • Funding Round B

    In September 2012, $15m in Series B funding arrived, led by London-based Kennet Partners.
    By November 2012, Trademob's proprietary technology could reach more than half a billion smartphone users worldwide.

  • Demand Side Platform

    Trademob's DSP, the first designed exclusively for mobile apps, was launched.

  • Renewed Focus

    Trademob introduced new leadership, hiring CEO
    Heiko Genzlinger from Yahoo Deutschland.
    The company discontinued its Tracking SDK in order to focus on its core businesses of user acquisition and retargeting.

  • Looking Forward

    In 2015, Trademob will continue to expand its product offering and fulfill its vision of becoming the leading international platform for programmatic mobile advertising.

Our Vision

We want to be the leading international platform for programmatic mobile advertising.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help advertisers and agencies reach their performance and branding goals and to maximize their ROI.

The Team and the Company

We are an international bunch of smart, hard-working math geeks, data crunchers, tech nerds, business masterminds and digital advertising and marketing experts, passionate about the digital world and with the vision to become the leading platform for programmatic mobile advertising. We are a well-funded ad tech start-up based in Germany, the Land of Ideas (think German Engineering enhanced with international expertise, spice and flavor), located in the heart of Berlin (the Silicon Valley and creative center of Europe) and at home in the world.

We come from more than 20 different countries and speak 27 different languages and numerous dialects (Frisian, Bavarian or Genglish are actually the easier ones). Our company languages are English and Speaking Up – every idea should be brought up (we do get excited by, and inspired through, challenging discussions and creative thinking). Our company sports include playing with gadgets, apps and drinks of all sorts (yes, all sorts; some of us claim to brew the best coffee in town by the way, which others keep challenging).

Our humor is mostly black or dark grey (and most of us can define irony pretty well and are able to even laugh about ourselves). We prefer to work in a drama-free, relaxed environment where stuff simply gets done. We do not only share the mission to help advertisers and agencies reach their mobile performance and branding goals, we also share a roll-up-our-sleeves mentality (yes, we all take ownership and are accountable and yes, as an exception to the rule, we do pull occasional all-nighters as and when our clients need us) and we do care about a healthy balance and a life outside the company.

We all agree that we want to aim high, move fast, fail fast (yes, we all make mistakes but we get up, absorb, share the learnings and move on), stretch and grow, think ahead and go the extra mile for our clients and for each other.

Trademob's Global Team

Trademob reflects the diverse nature of Berlin - our team features members from over 20 different nationalities. We believe that our international staff is a contributing factor to our exciting professional work environment.

Our Philosophies and Style of Working

Make an impact

We expect everyone to play an active and agile role, share ideas, thoughts and opinions and respect others', be visible, be heard, solve problems that have never been solved before, take ownership and collaborate. There is no excuse for not bringing an idea forward or bringing a great idea to life.

No-drama attitude

We all contribute to a drama-free, relaxed and flexible environment with good energy, where everyone can get things done and have some fun at the same time. We are not about egos, we are about joint success and going the extra mile for our clients and each other.

Move fast, fail fast and move on

Aim high, look at the facts, listen to input from others, sleep on it, decide. Once a decision is taken, we all align quickly. While this is our approach to decision making, we know that life is a journey and great ideas are not born perfect and that course corrections are necessary and mistakes happen and are part of the trip. The important thing is to get up again, share the learnings and move on to new heights and horizons, looking forward on the path of success.

Transparency, integrity & trust

Three things that are absolute key for us whatever we do. In our client and partner relationships. In our daily work. With each other and also in the way we approach flexibility in terms of working hours and working from home or from other locations. The guiding principle is always the same: It is all about the results! While we believe that we should be all spending a lot of in-depth time together on a regular basis, we do spend a lot of time thinking about the workplace of the future and how to collaborate most efficiently no matter where we are, so we are continuously looking into solutions that allow for people to take ownership of the company goals within a flexible framework.

What We Value


Take risks and take accountability. It's ok to fail, the important thing is to fail fast, share the learnings, and move on.


Transparency, integrity and trust are integral to our team.


We are committed to our clients and partners, to the team, to each other, to our goals, and our ideas, and to see them through.


Together, we can create great things. Together, we inspire each other to go the extra mile.


We value results. Results help us define our goals, give us direction and keep us on track.

Let the Team Speak for Itself

Key Account Manager

Isabelle, France

Working at Trademob means working for a successful company with a laid-back working atmosphere. It’s fun to work around such passionate people!

Mobile Media Buying Manager

Mladenka, Slovenia

Being part of Trademob means being part of an international team. I love that I get to tackle new challenges daily, with the help of supportive teammates.

Our Team in Numbers

We drink 10 kg of coffee and eat 25 packages of chocolate biscuits each week. We have collectively traveled to 188 different countries. Together we can do 1,325 push-ups, but only 750 pull-ups. We enjoy eating at more than 22 different restaurants, come from more than 20 different countries, speak 27 different languages, and love to party together. We collectively use over 826 different apps and our motivation is infinite!

Our Investors

Trademob is backed by some of Europe's leading private equity and venture capital firms.

Kennet Partners

The London-based private equity firm provides growth capital to information technology companies in Europe and the US, and led Trademob's Series B Funding.

High-Tech Gründerfonds

The venture capital investment firm and early stage seed investor HTGF is focused on high-potential technology start-ups and contributed to both of Tradmob's funding rounds.

Tengelmann Ventures

The member of the Tengelmann Group is one of the most important start-up investors in Germany and provided capital in both of Trademob's funding rounds.