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Twitter App Advertising: 5 Tips for Success

By Bea Ayuso on July 1, 2015 No Comments

We all know about Twitter and how popular it is in most markets, but not everyone is clear on the great advertising opportunities Twitter app advertising offers, especially in view of targeting. Twitter has over 270 million global monthly active users, and 80% of these users access the social network from their mobile devices. The vast […] Read more

Programmatic Marketplace Quality a Concern: Weekly News Wrap-Up

By Michael Achtzehn on June 26, 2015 No Comments

It’s time to wrap up another week, and we here at Trademob are giving you the scoop on our favorite news stories of the week! We start off with a look at a recent survey which found that there is concern in the industry about programmatic marketplace quality, although mobile fares a little better than […] Read more

App Time Spend Increases, but Covers Fewer Apps: Weekly News Wrap-Up

By Michael Achtzehn on June 19, 2015 No Comments

As the weekend approaches, we take a look back at the most important news of the week. This week, we start with the Nielsen report, which has confirmed what everyone has been dreading: the issue of app time spend. Users are increasingly spending more time in fewer apps – which makes getting your piece of the […] Read more

Real-Time Monitoring of Distributed Systems: How we Approached the Challenge

By Nakul Ganesh on June 18, 2015 No Comments

In the extremely fast-paced world of programmatic advertising, having great metrics-driven solutions for analyzing data and making decisions is essential. We were faced with this challenge at Trademob as our volumes increased and monitoring our distributed systems became more difficult. Read on to see how we approached the issue, and how we developed our answer in […] Read more