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Trademob is Europe’s leading expert in mobile app marketing. We plan, track and optimize your mobile media advertising across 230 mobile ad networks, RTB exchanges and media partners. From planning an app launch, to scaling your user base, and maximizing revenue, we help you build your app marketing strategy from day one and find the right media mix for every stage in your app marketing lifecycle. Coupling the largest mobile display inventory worldwide with pioneering mobile advertising technologies and an unmatched industry expertise, we guarantee you reach maximum ROI for your app promotion.


Our services



Achieve thousands of new users instantly & cost-effectively with a top charts ranking.


Mobile Facebook

Get engaged, high-value app users at minimal cost on Facebook.


Mobile Display

Maximize user acquisition with access to the world’s largest mobile display inventory.


Mobile Retargeting

Increase revenue and user engagement with mobile retargeting.

Meet Trademob


Before working with Trademob we were facing the jungle of ad networks and intransparent marketing. Our app, “Monsters Paradise”, was nowhere to be seen in the App Store. Trademob boosted it to #6 overall and as a result, our organic downloads went through the roof.

Our goal was to reach the TOP 25 in the iOS App Store rank. Trademob topped that by lifting us to #11 in the category music – all that plus reducing the CPI by 60%.

Working with Trademob is just like finding the programme you want and pressing play; it just works. And it’s always like watching your favourite series!

At eBay classifieds we were seeking a one-stop-solution for our app marketing. We wanted both a huge user base and transparent reporting to understand our users. Trademob made all of that possible. All app marketing activities are managed centrally so we don’t have to work with several networks to get the reach and results we are looking for.

Trademob are a great company to work with and have a wide reach within the mobile market. Their client list is impressive and end users are responding incredibly well to their campaigns. We are very excited by our strong partnership with them, which continues to grow in leaps and bounds.

In Trademob we found a competent partner for promoting our mobile library for smartphones and tablets. We were and are more then pleased with the excellent customer service as Trademob has always reacted fast and been pro-active regarding our campaigns.

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